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Graphic Repulsion - Deceased (Искали песню 40 раз)
The twisted flesh, alive or dead

Their veins are flowing with the blood of death

The final act, the last taboo

Yes! It's truth the dead will feast on you

These savage ghouls of obscene gore

Like insane rats they're still craving more

No survival, no escape it's just a world of.....

Graphic repulsion!

Dead cannibals of modern age

Have come from death in fits of all out rage

Without a pulse on man they feast

A scene of bloodshed has now been unleashed

A scary scene that stains my mind

Is knowing fact I too will die

No survival, no escape it's just a world of.....

Graphic repulsion!

They tear the brains apart, and swarm upon the heart,

It's never ending gore with life and death at war

Orgies of disease leaving the world in disbelief

The streets are colored red with blood from shattered veins

As we fall their legion grows as every grave is bare

Yes! Every grave is bare, the war of hell unleashed

Into battle!

Starving ghouls intensify the mania

The stench of death dances through the rotten air

There's millions slain as casualties keep coming strong

As certain doom awaits us all some place sometime

Gore pouring from the wounds of the awful dead

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