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Planetary Black Elements - Covenant (Искали песню 31 раз)
Nexus Polaris....A truth concealed

A gaunt expression of the end

Prophecies revealed....Dimensional chaos

In perfect symmetry - a mask so dreary

A truth so stained - a planetary conformation

A long lost creation - a black door dimension

In shallow mystery

What is this universe, but a will to exist?

Forever....In all dimensions - Polaris opens it's eyes

The nexus of time and space

Nexus....A path revealed - a joyous feast of fools

Stupidity renewed....Dimensional chaos...In perfect harmony

Possessive illusions - like a taste of defeat

Regress or regenerate - and your downfall is complete

Illusive possessions - an imaginary void

Hurled towards chaos - to destruct or destroy

"We reach for outerdimensional paranoia

Concealed parallels and hidden truths....

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