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A Lost City - Avatar (Искали песню 140 раз)
Through dark dungeons I wander hearing

this beautiful voice calling me athward

Green mosses lead my pathways

eery shrieks fulfill my joy

calming fear enveils my body

suddenly standing before the gate

innaya... lost city

Of the twelve sleepers in Sadness

breaking open the doorway

I feel the tears in my heart

A grief hold for ages now set free

Broken houses death decay rotting

stenches of things unknown to us

Gods that were once here now left

left in the Mausoleum of Pain

strolling through streets, cracks

Gaping at me with soothing darkness

I feel the wind caressing my body

the first sense of resignation...

I will never leave this city of

Broken dreams, never

Spirits of unbearable calmness lie

fall... falling... down

Caress me... tear my black soul apart

With the grief and sorrow of Eras

The weeping of millions impaling my heart

falling... so sweet... falling down...

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