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On The Way To Hell - Anvil (Искали песню 17 раз)
(Lips, Reiner, Marino, Dickson)

When being bad is being good

Doing things just 'cause you could

Burning bridges to the ground

To ourselves our faith is bound

Hiding lies behind a book

All the meaning's been mistook

They'll never change you

They'll only blame you

On the way to hell

Never think twice what you do

Never thought it could be you

Who can change the tragic fate

Think again it's not too late

They'll never save you

They'll just betray you

On the way to hell

I never thought it could be this way

Hope our luck will turn

I never though when you did bad things

In the bowels of hell you'll burn

All we do is live from day to day

Hope one day we'll learn

Bad to worse the chance is thin

You go to hell when you live in sin

Now you know the chilling fact

When you go you won't come back

Laying dormant in the grave

Do you have a soul to save

They may deceive you

They won't believe you

On the way to hell

On the way to hell, hell

On the way to hell

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