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Her Orphaned Throne - Antichrisis (Искали песню 65 раз)
Destiny turned the page to another side in my book of life:

"He who once was artless like a child had to face the blackest night!"

While I was unaware, She must have silently faded away:

"Whereas his shadow walks The Earth in restless search for The Queen!"

As the cold begins to bite, in Nightmare's realm I lie awake:

"Fading voices calling back the years into time's deadly embrace!"

Behind these delusive hills where gales ensnare a paralyzed sun:

"In sombre distress he's entering the hall just to find Her Orphaned Throne!"

Broken and desperate before Her Orphaned Throne

Holding a dying sparrow in his hands

His eyes full of tears had seen the wasted land

Will She ever come again? Ever come again?

Suam sanctam ad sedem lice at me vobis sequi

Si sanum me facere voiueritis

Suam sanctam ad sedem, ad marim

Si enim hoc loco versatus sim, periturus est

Suam sanctam ad sedem liceat me vobis sequi

Nam hoc solo loco me Dea expectat

Passion turned out to be a slip of the pen amongst the lines of fate:

"AII that was left in the end: Forgotten echoes in a dream!"

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