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Dancing In The Midnight Sun - Antichrisis (Искали песню 69 раз)
Farewell, pretty one: It‘s all over now you‘ve gone

After all that we went through, you left me when I needed you

The times we shared, the good and bad,

were the best I‘ve ever had, the best years of my life....

Farewell, pretty one: I‘ve put all my faith in you

and I can‘t understand: Did you lie on that night

you said you‘d never let me go?

Oh, I believed each word you‘ve said

I believed until the end

It‘s so hard to realize you never wanted me that close by your side

And the snow falls back in time

down the hillside on our sledge we‘d ride

We were laughing in the january sun

And for a moment time stood still as we rode on and on and on....

Still the snow falls on Yule-tide

falls forever on that dreary mountainside

And the ghost of our love stands right above: A monument of your smile

And our laughter that died so long ago lingers on and on and on...

Never will I forget our last winter

Never will I forget the last winter of our love!

Goodbye, pretty one: You broke my heart twice, now I‘m done!

You left me like a dream at the break of dawn

and I almost died

And even if you‘re lying now in someone else‘s arms

I‘m still with you in a dream,

in dreams of days gone by, the best days of my life

Goodnight, my love, goodnight....

For we were dancing in the midnight sun

our love became too wild

I loved you like a child

The fire went out, went out before dawn

and I broke down and cried

and I drowned and died

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