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Like A Loaded Gun - Accept (Искали песню 119 раз)
I№m victimized and tantalized

Brutalized and chained

They№ll devastate - intoxicate

They№re driving me insane - forever

They regulate - investigate

Complicate my life

Everyday insanity

There№s nothing going right -

I mean forget it

I№ve been there before

Can№t take it no more

That№s why I№m like a loaded gun

A man with a mission

Like a loaded gun

I№m human ammunition

They mutilate and penetrate

They masturbate my brains

When all I need for sanity

Is love to ease my pain

I№m tortured, sick and tired

I№m that weapon to be fired

Overloaded - unexploded

Don№t you make me cross the final


I№ve been there before

I can№t take it no more

That№s why I№m like a loaded gun

I№m a man with a mission

Like a loaded gun

You can pull my trigger

Just like a loaded gun

On a social collision

See my eyes - I mesmerize

Read my lips - it№s time to cut the crap

I№ve been there before

I can№t take it no more

That№s why I№m like a loaded gun

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