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Truth? - Def Leppard (Искали песню 372 раза)
I've been burning

And dousing the flames

I feel the whiplash

Of the backlash on my face

I melt to sleep at night

But I wake to trip the day

Never for you never for me

Would I kiss your feet of clay

I'm still alive and so should I

Soak up the wave of compromise

Am I the victim of youth

Is this the truth

Why don't you tell me

Why don't you tell me

There's no conscience

In charity or shame

The voice deceive me

But believe me its the same

I see the black in white

And the colour in the gray

Better for me better for you

Gonna bleach it all away

I'm still alive and so should I

Soak up the wave of compromise

I see the scars, I hear the lies

So what's the truth

Why don't you tell me

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