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Tracy Jacks - Blur (Искали песню 72 раза)
(Tracy Jacks) works in civil service

(Tracy Jacks) it's steady employment

(Tracy Jacks) is a golfing fanatic

(Tracy Jacks) but his put is erratic

(Tracy Jacks) saw a Harley Street doctor

(Tracy Jacks) who prescribed healthy living

(Tracy Jacks) but he's getting past forty

(Tracy Jacks) and all his seams are splitting


Every day he got closer

He knew in his heart he was over

I'd love to stay here and be normal

But it's just so overrated

(Tracy Jacks) left home without warning

(Tracy Jacks) at five in the morning

(Tracy Jacks) got on the first train to Walton

(Tracy Jacks) and stood on the sea front laughing

(Tracy Jacks) threw his clothes in the water

(Tracy Jacks) and ran around naked

(Tracy Jacks) got stopped by the police

(Tracy Jacks) and escorted back home where


(Tracy Jacks) oo oo oo oo

(Tracy Jacks) oo oo oo oo

(Tracy Jacks) oo oo oo oo

(Tracy Jacks) oo oo oo oo

And then it happened on a Tuesday morning

Tracy Jacks bulldozed down the house he lived in

Saying, "It's just so overrated!"

(Tracy Jacks) oo oo oo oo

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