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The Puritan - Blur (Искали песню 52 раза)
Are we institutionalized

By the demands of today?

In our regalia are we ok?

Because the flash of a blade

Is one less getting paid

There in the line

And he ice and gold

It's just a double code

It's a paradigm

For every little thing

That fashion gives you

So the puritan

On a Monday morning

Said happy sad melody

I'm waltzing

On an amazing pulse

In a pornographic sea

Where the absent blade

Is one less in the parade

To throw overboard

And the ice and gold

It's just a double code

It's a metaphor

For every little thing

That fashion gives you

I'm falling into something that

Ṗlays upon the metronome

In your heart

It's smoke and it's mirrors

Until the auto cue starts

Then the dry ice comes

And we start sucking our thumbs on the TV

And the joy of ṗeople

Spirited away so merrily

It's part of every little thing that fashion gives you

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