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Fool's Day - Blur (Искали песню 32 раза)
Wake up straight

Called out by the sun

On the first day of April

Out of bed

Lord, it was a plane crash

But I’m sure that I was dreaming

TV on,

Of course caffeine and signs

Of submission again

Another day

On this little island

Just a bell hangs on

Porridge done

I take my kid to school

It was the pound shop, Woolworth’s

Under bridge

Where the subway sees the daytime

And the West Way flies by

Then on my bike

Down the Ladbroke Grove

To the forthcoming dramas

The studio

And a love of all sweet music

We just can’t let go

Let go… let go.. let go… let go.. let go

So meditate

On what we’ve all become

On a cold day in springtime

Civil War

Is what we all were born into

Raise your left hand, right, sing

Don’t capitulate

To the forces of the market place

They’re long departed


The love we’ve had together

On a cold day in springtime

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