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Country House - Blur (Искали песню 47 раз)
And so the the story begins:

City dweller, successful fella,

Thought to himself

"Oops I've got a lot of money,

I'm caught in a rat race terminally,

I'm a professional cynic

But my heart's not in it,

I'm paying the price

Of living life at the limit,

Caught up in the centuries anxiety"

It preys on him, he's getting thin...

He lives in a house,

A very big house in the country,

Watching afternoon repeats

And the food he eats in the country,

He takes all manner of pills

And piles up analyst bills

In the country,

It's like an animal farm,

Lots of rural charm

In the country...

He's got morning glory,

Life's a different story,

Everything going jackanory,

In touch with his own mortality...

He's reading balzac,

Knocking back prozac,

It's a helping hand

That makes you feel wonderfully bland,

Oh it's the centuries remedy,

For the faint at heart,

A new start.

He lives in a house,

A very big house in the country,

He's got a fog in his chest

So he needs a lot of rest

In the country,

He doesn't drink, smoke, laugh,

Takes herbal baths

In the country,

Says you come to no harm

On an animal farm

In the country...

In the country, in the country...

Blow, blow me out,

I am so sad, I don't know why...

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